The Cord Bug.  The ultimate block heater accessory. However you plug, you need The Cord Bug

Do you like to keep your engine block heater cord handy in winter? Do you have an exceptionally long cord sticking out of your hood? Are you tired of your engine block heater cord banging against your vehicle, leaving unsightly marks and damage? Then say hello to The Cord Bug, the ultimate electrical-cord accessory.

Made in Canada, The Cord Bug is the brainchild of two AJAC award-winning automotive journalists; Kelly Taylor and Michael Clark. Every year, The Road Trip team has seen the damage done by engine block heater cords. According to Carstar Manitoba, the plug from your block heater cord can cause as much as $600 damage to your vehicle! The constant rubbing against your fender, hood, and headlight can lower your resale value, even compromise the electrical connection of your engine block heater cord.
The Cord Bug requires no mechanical attachment to your vehicle; simply Snap-Fit your Cord Bug onto your engine block heater cord, and it's ready to use. Our specially designed magnet system (Pat. Pend.) is specifically engineered to minimize the possibility of paint damage while remaining secure to the car even at highway speeds. The Cord Bug can be positioned on the exterior of the vehicle for easy access, or under the hood, on metal surfaces away from moving parts.

How good is The Cord Bug? In-house testing has proven that The Cord Bug, when used in pairs, can hold a three-metre extension cord on your vehicle at highway speeds! (Watch the You Tube video for demonstrations of The Cord Bug solution.)
Do you need to route exterior cables on your vehicle? Ham radio operators, couriers, even the pizza delivery driver can benefit from The Cord Bug!
Have you found an innovative new use for The Cord Bug? Send us an email through our Customer Care link. We'll post your solution, and send you a FREE Cord Bug!

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The Road Trip Radio Show
The Cord Bug is the brainchild of automotive
radio hosts Michael Clark and Kelly Taylor.

Visit their website here.
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